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Tagline Contest

Tagline Contest

San Francisco Health Network
Tagline Contest
May 16 to June 16, 2014

The San Francisco Health Network is a comprehensive health system for all San Franciscans operated by the San Francisco Department of Public Health. We are looking for the right words that will connect health and San Francisco. Join the contest and give us no more than five to seven words that will fit nicely under the logo.

We want key words that will identify the San Francisco Health Network. Nike said, “Just do it.” The Dairy Council said, “Got milk?” Give us your ideas. Here are some examples:

  • mySFHealth
  • Your Bridge to Health
  • To your heath!
  • Where everyone belongs
  • Excellence. Diversity. Compassion.

You may choose one of these examples or come up with your own for a chance to win the grand prize for creativity.

A “grand mystery prize” will be awarded to the creative winner!

Click the link and join the contest! http://www.namecontests.com/cj8ni2bm

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