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SFDPH Primary Care Transfer of Care of Disruptive or Threatening Patients Guideline

SFDPH Primary Care Transfer of Care of Disruptive or Threatening Patients Guideline

Complete Guideline: Transfer-of-care-guideline-SFDPH-PC-March-2013

This document provides uniform guidance for determination of discontinuation of services to patients from a particular San Francisco Department of Public Health primary care clinic. It is applicable to all DPH-PC clinics, both in Community Primary Care and the clinics based at SFGH. The guidance is based on the assumption that the DPH is the provider of last resort for many people served in our system.

The goals of this guideline are to:

  • Maintain a safe environment for all staff, providers, patients, and families in our primary care clinics.
  • Set standards for identifying patients and family members who threaten the safety of others in clinic and intervening with these patients and family members.
  • Offer tools and strategies for addressing problems presented by disruptive or threatening patients who access our clinics for care.

The guideline includes:

  • Procedures for managing a disruptive patient
  • Steps to take for making a plan for corrective action
  • Factors to consider when deciding whether a disruptive or threatening can safely continue to receive care at a particular health center
  • Procedures to follow when a patient can no longer be seen at a particular health center and must be transferred to another primary care provider
  • Suggested components of a contingency treatment or behavioral agreement
  • Specifications for communication with patients and patient rights and responsibilities

This new guiedline was developed in collaboration between DPH-PC providers of care from different disciplines, with input from providers and leaders from both COPC and on-campus primary care. It was been approved by the SFGH Ambulatory Care Integration Committee.

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