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Primary Care Continuing Medical Education

Primary Care Continuing Medical Education 2018-08-01T15:00:24+00:00

The San Francisco Health Network is committed to providing top quality, holistic, up-to-date medical care. To this end, we provide continuing medical education to help our providers keep up with rapid changes in the world of medicine and medical care delivery. We welcome comments on past sessions, ideas for future sessions and links to upcoming educational events.

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 Location: ZSFG Learning Center 1001 Potrero Ave Blg.30 2nd Floor

 2018 Sessions 

Wednesday April 25
Tuesday July 24
Wednesday October 24

Recent Sessions

Smarter Screening for Prostate Cancer

August 1st, 2018|

Physicians Matthew Cooperberg, Nynikka Palmer, and Dean Schillinger collaborate to provide an overview of screening for prostate cancer in Primary Care. Throughout the presentation, they discuss how to increase rates of early detection of aggressive [...]

Smoking Cessation

July 17th, 2018|

Dr. Maya Vijayaraghavan provides an overview of smoking cessation among our patients in Primary Care. She reviews the landscape of tobacco products as well as discusses the methods and resources for smoking cessation counseling. She covers pharmacological [...]

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Resources from Past Sessions

CKD for primary care-Delphine_Tuot

Dr. Delphine Tuot addresses the importance of early CKD identification while recognizing the existence of disparities in CKD the basics of CKD. While reviewing the basics of CKD management and when to refer to nephrology.

Asthma _Updates SFHN QPM_2017
Asthma.Chronic management.2017

Dr. Marmor discusses updates in asthma management. Dr. Marmor addresses how Asthma is diagnosed in kids, who needs a nebulizer, how asthma should classified at acute and preventative visits, along with several other updates for care.

Dr Craig Surman reviews diagnosis, pharmacologic and behavioral treatments for ADD

Get slide set HERE

TSOAC slides

Dr Anna Chodos and Dr Jennifer Yang review best practices in geriatric medicine.

Get the slides here (Dr Chodos) and here (Dr Yang)

Links to Resources

Community Behavioral Health Services homepage

City Clinic Provider Homepage

substance abuse warm line for clinician-clinician counseling on managing substance use disorders
7am-3pm (10am-6pm EST) 1-855-3595