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Primary Care Receives Recognition

Primary Care Receives Recognition

The Triple AimCongratulations to three of our San Francisco Health Network primary care clinics for being recognized by the San Francisco Health Plan at this week’s annual Provider Recognition Dinner:

Tom Waddell Urban Health was given the Excellence in Member Services and Cultural Awareness  award in recognition of their excellent service to special populations.

Southeast Health Center was recognized with the Commitment to Health Improvement award for making dramatic improvements in patient access to care.

Family Health Center received the HSF award for Excellence in Customer Service for achievement in patient-centered care and participant satisfaction.

A number of our staff and teams were recognized with Excellence in Leadership awards for demonstrated leadership in the areas of administration and operations.

We are fortunate to have such a strong working partnership with the San Francisco Health Plan, which is fully aligned with us in achieving our vision of developing and sustaining excellent patient and family centered care in all our clinics. The Provider Recognition Dinner is a great culminating event each year when the Health Plan recognizes us for our daily efforts and service to our patients.



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