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Non-CHN Providers whose referrals we accept

Non-CHN Providers whose referrals we accept

Because of a contractual agreement with the San Francisco Health Plan, there are four physicians who do not have access to the LCR/eReferral, but rely on the specialty services at SFGH.  These four providers are:

  1. Doan Khong
  2. Thahn Tran
  3. Tuoung Dihn Do
  4. Tin Huu Nguyen

These providers will either fax their referrals or in some cases their patients may present to your clinic’s front desk with the referral. Consider the following process to handle these incoming referrals:

  • If a faxed referral comes in, route it to your eReferral reviewer to handle.
  • If their patient arrives to your clinic in-person, have your clerk accept the referral and give it your eReferral reviewer. The clerk can tell the patient that the clinic will review the referral.
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