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**Media Advisory** 400 Turkeys to be given to Bayview Residents

**Media Advisory** 400 Turkeys to be given to Bayview Residents

Media Advisory
December 18, 2015

Contact: Linda Acosta
Linda.Acosta@sfdph.org 415-554-2928, 415-828-6757 cell


More than 400 turkeys with all the fixings will be given away to designated
Bayview-Hunter’s Point Residents

Available for phone interviews:

Veronica Shepard, Food Security Specialist, SF Department of Public Health
Israel Nieves, Director of Equity and Quality Improvement, SF Department of Public Health

Glide Memorial, Olivet Missionary Baptist Church and the Department of Public Health are joining with community organizations to bring more than 400 holiday meals to underserved families in the Bayview.

According to the 2013-2014 California Health Interview Survey, 44 percent of low income San Franciscans had difficulty affording food. Proper nutrition is critical for health promotion, disease prevention, maintaining healthy weight and overall well-being. Food insecurity (the inability to afford healthy food) is a risk factor for chronic disease, and is associated with poor health outcomes. It is estimated that almost 40 percent of Bayview residents are food insecure.

“Lack of food, or food insecurity, is a significant problem for this community and in many low income communities in San Francisco” said Barbara Garcia, Director of Health. “We are finding that our own patients have ongoing issues with hunger and food security.”

In a show of solidarity, community organizations have organized a Turkey Give-away (including all the fixings) for over 400 families. Turkeys were donated by Glide Memorial, and the event is being hosted by Olivet Missionary Baptist Church. Health and nutrition information will be provided by local community organizations.

“We are not here just to feed people for a day but to connect people to services so they can live healthy and well for a lifetime” said Veronica Shepard, Health Department employee and Bayview resident who works on food security issues.

Bayview residents face many disparities in our city:

 Thirty-nine percent of the Bayview-Hunters Point community live at or below 200% of the federal poverty level
 Unemployment in the Bayview is at 11 percent compared to 3.4 percent city-wide
 Food retail is particularly sparse and as a result, many families lack adequate access to healthy food, which is one of the key factors impacting health

The event will take place this Monday, December 21, 2015, at 12 noon at Olivet Missionary Baptist Church on 1667 Revere Avenue, San Francisco, CA. Families will line up starting at 11am.

Please note there will be no walk-up donations, recipients have been determined in advance.

This special event is being hosted and in partnership with the generous members of Olivet Missionary Baptist Church, Glide Memorial and local community based organizations.

The major sponsors/supporters for the day are the team from GLIDE Memorial, and the following community-based organizations and neighbors in Bayview-Hunters Point.

Alice Griffith Housing
Bayview Food Delivery Group
Bayview YMCA
Center for Youth Wellness
Community Living Campaign
Community Youth Center
Department of Aging & Adult Services
Golden State Warriors
Having Pride U.N.I.T.I.
Healthy Hearts Initiative
Hunter’s Point Family
Imani Breast Cancer Group
Latino Community Connections
Omega Boys Club/Stay Alive & Free
Olivet Missionary Baptist Church
Rafiki Coalition for Health & Wellness
Reducing Stigma in the South East (RSSE)
Samoan Solutions
San Francisco Department of Public Health
San Francisco Unified School District
Southeast Health Center/3rd Street Youth Center & Clinic
Southeast Community Facility Commission
Thutmose Temple
Young Community Developers

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