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Implementation of new patient fee collection policy

Implementation of new patient fee collection policy

Recent changes to the Healthy San Francisco and Sliding Scale patient fee collection policy:

  • If a patient cannot pay a required visit fee, s/he must have a medical assessment.  If the nurse, physician or NP conducting the assessment determines that delaying care to a later date may worsen the medical condition or cause unnecessary suffering, the patient should be seen with waiver of the fee.
  • In these instances, if the patient also requires a prescription, s/he should be provided with a notice from the clinic stating that the required patient fee was not paid and that any prescribed medication should be dispensed at no cost (use the Fee Waiver Notice for Uninsured (HSF and SS) — Pharmacy).  The patient must go to SFGH pharmacy.
  • If the medical assessment determines that the appointment can be rescheduled without subjecting the patient to risk of worsening of the medical condition or unnecessary suffering, staff should inform the patient that s/he cannot be seen without paying the patient fee and appointment should be rescheduled.

Patient appointment reminder letters have been modified to include the statement, “If you are unable to pay the fee, PLEASE check with THE DOCTOR or CLINIC staff to see if you SHOULD still be seen.”

There is also temporary signage now posted in clinics with this information for patients. 

Complete policy here: HSF SS Fee Policy 5-22-2012 (2)

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