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How to use the Enterprise Medication List (EML)

How to use the Enterprise Medication List (EML)

The Enterprise Med List is a new tool to help providers gain access to current medication and allergy lists from Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems that they may not have access to.  We now have multiple EHRs being used for patient care in DPH clinics, hospitals, and jails.

Watch an introductory video here.

The EML will display the current medication and allergy lists from the following EHRs:

  • Invision/LCR (SFGH and COPC Hospital and Clinics) — current meds as of yesterday; only those meds that have been updated in past 2 years
  • CareLinkSF (ECW) — current meds as of yesterday
  • Chart (Jail Health Services) —  all meds ordered while patient in jail during past 2 years
  • PulseCheck (ED) — all meds prescribed in the last 6 months
  • Hero (PHP Wd86) — current meds as of yesterday
  • Avatar (Behavioral Health) — not yet available

Allergy Lists are from the same sources and display the current allergy list from each source.

Location of the Enterprise Med List:

  • Invision/LCR—find the EML in the OutPt Med List or the eLink page
  • CareLinkSF(ECW)—find the EML in the SFDPH eLink page
  • PulseCheck(ED), HERO and CHART—use Invision/LCR until a link is provided in this EHR

Disclaimer: The Enterprise Medication List (EML) is often at least 1 day old and may occasionally be incomplete. For Medication Reconciliation, review medications with the patient, family members, and the EML, along with your clinical judgment. Refer to the Med Rec Procedures website.

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