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Epic Training Logistics

Epic Training Logistics 2019-11-20T12:44:36-08:00

Training locations:

Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital – 1001 Potrero Ave. (Map)

  • Building 30
    • Room 3208 (2nd Floor)
    • Library (Ward 31) Training Room, 1st Floor
  • Building 40
    • Computer Lab, 5th Floor

Mission Street Training Site – 205 13th Street, SF, CA 94103 (Map)

  • Training Room 1
  • Training Room 2
  • Training Room 3
  • Training Room 4
  • Training Room 5
  • Training Room 6
  • Training Room 7
  • Training Room 8
  • Training Room 9

Mission St. Training Center – 205 13th St. (Map) – Otherwise also referred to as “1735 Mission St.”, although the actual address of the training location itself is on 13th St. This location is near Zeitgeist or 2 blocks up from Rainbow. Parking is nearly impossible, so public transit via Bart to Mission 16th Street Station is a great option. The entrance to this building can be somewhat confusing; enter the red brick building from the glass door entrance in the parking lot.

Laguna Honda Hospital – 375 Laguna Honda Blvd. (Campus map)

  • Classroom H3-B


Parking – Parking is limited at all locations. There is no assigned parking at Laguna Honda or Mission St., and your option at ZSFG would be the paid parking lot. For that reason, you are encouraged to use public transportation.

What to expect the day of training

Make sure you wear your badge at all locations.

Please know what your class name and location is. This information is important for us to help direct you to your class when you arrive.

Aim to arrive early to your class so everyone can start on time – we have a lot to cover!

Security will open the lobby early at LHH and ZSFG to accommodate training, and Mission St. will open at 7 a.m.

What to bring with you – You do NOT need to bring your computer, because we will provide one that is hardwired into the training environment for Epic. You may want to bring a pad of paper and pen to take notes if you wish. 

PROVIDERS ONLY: for EPCS sign-up (which happens on the day of your Personalization Lab), you will need to bring your photo ID and cell phone. Download the DUO authorization app on your cell phone before the training lab, and be sure that you do NOT leave your Personalization Lab without getting enrolled in EPCS in training room 10.

Maps of the training rooms are available on SharePoint to help you know where to go. These will also be printed and posted at each location, but you still may want to print it out and take it with you the day of your training.

After class, you’ll take your classroom information sheet and exercise booklet with you to use for extra practice. After we go live, you will find tip sheets and QuickStart guides on your learning home dashboard.


Food – meals are on your own. You may want to consider packing your own lunch that does not require refrigeration or microwave if possible. You can also get wonderful food in the cafeterias at ZSFG or LHH. At Mission St. in particular, restaurants are not very close and refrigerator/microwaves are not available, so plan accordingly.

Water is available at each location – please bring your own refillable water bottle if you can in consideration of the environment.

Lactation rooms are available at each location. Please ask your instructor for directions or more information.

Emergencies or unforeseen events

We know that somethings things happen that can completely derail your day. If for some reason an unforeseen emergency happens to you and you can’t attend your assigned course, you will have to work with your manager to sign up for another date. The availability of future dates is not guaranteed, so this would only be available in situations that were completely unavoidable.

Please note, if you are late to class, you will not be allowed in if it is beyond 15 minutes into the class. In this situation you would have to reschedule your course.

A comprehensive list of Frequently Asked Questions resides on the Epic SharePoint site and is updated regularly. Please visit this site regularly to obtain the latest available information.

Questions? Email Epic.Training@sfdph.org