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Discharge Information Improvement

Discharge Information Improvement

San Francisco General Hospital is working to improve the information in the LCR to enhance care transitions from inpatient to outpatient settings.

This month, a new set of discharge documents was launched in LCR that are more comprehensive, standardized, easy to read and patient friendly.

To view the discharge documents, go here:

Discharge Information 

Frequently asked questions:

Do these documents include discharge medication lists? Discharge medication lists are part of the ePDP, and also appear on the EML (Enterprise Medication List).  Inpatient providers are no longer using the “outpatient meds” function from LCR to reconcile meds.  The EML is currently the standard tool to review med lists from all care settings, and has been for the past year.  Follow this link for details.

What if I have problems viewing the document? If you encounter errors trying to view these documents, use Citrix to access LCR and contact the IT helpdesk for further assistance.

Where I can I find more information? Visit http://tiny.ucsf.edu/edischarge

How do I see all the pages in the reports? Use the arrow button at the top.

ePDP navigation


When I’m viewing EDM, the display flickers. Can I fix that? Citrix on many computers uses a default of 256 colors for display, which causes the screen to flicker when you’re trying to view the ePDP. To fix the flickering, try changing the computer settings. Follow these instructions:

  1. All Programs
  2. Citrix
  3. Program Neighborhood
  4. Double click Custom ICA Connections
  5. Right click Invision LCR
  6. Properties
  7. Under “Options” tab, uncheck “Colors Custom Default” and select “High Color (16-bit)” from the drop down menu
  8. Re-launch Invision from the desktop icon

Color settings for viewing ePDP


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