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Castro-Mission Health Center Capital Project

Castro-Mission Health Center Capital Project 2019-08-12T10:06:54-08:00

Design rendering of Castro-Mission Health Center capital improvements

Clinic Temporarily Moved on July 9, 2019

To prepare for a building remodel, Castro-Mission Health Center temporarily moved on July 9, 2019, to 995 Potrero Ave., Building 80, 1st floor, on the Zuckerberg San Francisco General (ZSFG) campus.

Construction will start in late 2019. 

Latest FAQ for Patients and Neighbors

About Castro-Mission Health Center

Established in 1965, Castro-Mission Health Center, at 3850 17th St., is the first public health center in San Francisco. Formerly known as Health Center 1, today the clinic serves about 4,100 patients annually. More than 64% of patients have received care at Castro-Mission Health Center for more than 3 years.

Castro-Mission Health Center provides:

  • Regular check-ups
  • Women’s health services
  • Podiatry and pharmacist consultation
  • HIV medical and comprehensive support services
  • Specialty services for LGBTQ youth
  • Behavioral health (short-term counseling)
  • Access to resources for food/shelter/clothing/transportation
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Capital Improvement Project Overview

Castro-Mission Health Center will soon undergo an estimated $8 million capital improvement project, and temporary relocation during construction. In an 80 percent vote, San Francisco residents approved the improvements as part of the 2016 Public Health & Safety Bond.

The clinic upgrades include:

  • Safer building in case of an earthquake
  • Moving patient rooms to the 2nd floor to better use space
  • 12 new exam rooms
  • 4 new consultation rooms
  • Updated restrooms to improve accessibility for people with disabilities
  • Updated waiting rooms and patient registration area
  • Updated staff areas (lactation room, group room)

Project Timeline

The following are estimated dates for the project. All dates and details are subject to change.

Early 2019: Project designs complete

April 2019: SF Arts Commission Civic Design Review Committee approved designs

July 9, 2019: Clinic opened at temporary location – 995 Potrero Ave., Building 80, 1st floor, on the Zuckerberg San Francisco General campus

Late 2019 – 2020: Construction underway for at least 14 months; the clinic returns to Castro-Mission Health Center upon completion

Patient Benefits

For the capital project, Castro-Mission Health Center’s primary care services will move to the 2nd floor to better integrate primary care, behavioral health, and specialty services to serve the whole patient. The 1st floor will offer specialty health services, like a podiatrist and pharmacist, in addition to administrative offices. This reconfiguration of space will allow us to better serve patients using the “Whole Patient” holistic approach to care. Other improvements will include:

  • Larger exam rooms for patients with families (110-120 square feet, compared to 70-110 square feet)
  • New group meeting room

Temporary Clinic Opens July 9, 2019

During construction, the Castro-Mission Health Center will be temporarily located at 995 Potrero Ave., Building 80, 1st floor, on the Zuckerberg San Francisco General (ZSFG) hospital campus. All primary care services will be available at the temporary location. Visit zsfgcare.org for directions.

  • Castro-Mission patients can receive care at the temporary clinic
  • The temporary clinic will provide the same health services.
  • The temporary clinic will have the same hours of operation.
  • Patients do not have to change insurance.
  • Patient medical records will be at the temporary clinic.
  • Doctors, nurses, and staff will be moving to the temporary clinic.
  • If patients have more questions, they can contact Castro-Mission at the usual number: 415-934-7700.

The clinic must relocate because of construction disturbances – like noise and space constraints. Loud noises from drilling and hammering would hinder the health care services provided for patients. Construction is expected to start in late 2019 and last for at least 14 months.

I’m a neighbor. What can I expect during construction?

Construction is scheduled to be during normal daytime business hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday – Friday. Neighbors will be notified if construction hours change during the project. There will be some street disruptions while excavating the building’s foundation. More information about noise, traffic and other construction impacts will be determined once a contractor has been selected for the project. If you have questions, please contact sfdphconstruction@sfdph.org.

Exterior Project Details

The exterior updates will include a new shear wall design with vertical “pilaster” to maintain the existing building’s frame appearance. Landscaping around the clinic will be renovated to make room for the new site plans, and to remove unhealthy and over-mature trees. Trees that are in good health will stay intact wherever possible.

Plans are to remove 8 eucalyptus trees and 1 palm tree. The project would add 6 palm trees. Ten trees will remain on the property, and four along 17th Street. New, attractive plants with low-water needs will be added to the clinic’s planters.

The upgrades will provide a renewed, attractive and low-maintenance landscape that will compliment the building upgrades and be sustainable after the project. The San Francisco Arts Commission Civic Design Review Board approved all design plans in April 2019.

We want your feedback! Please complete this Community Survey: bit.ly/CMHCprojectsurvey

The Community Survey will help the Department of Public Health prepare for the Castro-Mission Health Center renovation and temporary relocation, expected to start in summer 2019. Your input is greatly appreciated.

Have a question, comment or idea about this project?

Please contact our San Francisco Department of Public Health Capital Project Team at sfdphconstruction@sfdph.org.