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Get to know us and read essential information about our clinical leaders and where they work. At San Francisco Health Network, we strive to be every San Franciscans first choice for health care and well-being. We do this by providing high quality health care that enables all San Franciscans to live vibrant and healthy lives.

Ellen Chen, MD

Medical Director

Silver Avenue Family Health Center

Aaron Del Tredici, MD

Medical Director

Ocean Park Health Center

Monica Gandhi, MD, MPH

Medical Director

Positive Health Program

R. Jan Gurley, MD

Medical Director

Curry Senior Center

Claire Horton, MD

Medical Director

Richard Fine People’s Clinic

Shonul Agarwal Jain, MD

Medical Director

Children’s Health Center

Cathy James, MD

Medical Director

Maxine Hall Health Center

Lydia C. Leung, MD

Medical Director

Family Health Center

Ben Lui, MD, MPH

Medical Director

Chinatown Public Health Center

Joseph Pace, MD

Medical Director

Tom Waddell Urban Health Center

Sunny Pak, MD, MPH, L. Ac

Assistant Medical Director

Chinatown Public Health Center

Anne Rosenthal, MD

Interim Medical Director

Castro Mission Health Center

Keith Seidel, MD

Medical Director

Southeast Health Center

Suzannah Stout, MD

Associate Medical Director

Silver Avenue Family Health Center