• Chief: Geoff Manley
  • RN Director: Kathy Ballou
  • RN Manager: Maria Stone
  • Charge RN: Jan Ong


  • Location: Main Building 5, 4th floor, 4M
  • Routine clinical issues at (415) 206-5476
  • Follow-up patient appointments at (415) 206-4420
  • Fax number is (415) 206-4256

Hours of Operation:

Mon Tues Wed Thu Fri
Clinic - 8:30AM-12:00PM - - -



Neurosurgery Dashboard- Jan 2015

Providers with Privileges (updated September 2013):

Geoffrey Manley MD, PhD
Philip Starr MD
Frederick Stephens MD
Michael Huang MD
Eldan Eichbaum MD
Corey Raffel MD
Sean Braden MSN, NP
Julia Galletly NP, MSN
Twyila Lay NP
Amy Winkelman MSN, NP